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LOGO Engineering S.r.l. was established in 1995 by a group of technicians with a proven experience in the cement industry.

Along time the company has grown, providing predictive maintenance and diagnostics services for grinding and burning systems, as well as designing and building various systems from scratch for the cement industry. In December 2000 the company achieved ISO 9001 certification, and in December 2003 it achieved ISO 9001-2000 certification.

Today the company operates on an international scale, with sites in Africa and in the USA, establishing with the client a close collaboration relationship which goes far beyond the contract supply and is based on mutual trust: a “developing” relationship … in all respects!


Our business

Logo Engineering provides the cement industry with both engineering consultancy services and off-the-shelf contracts: what sets us apart from competitors is that we can follow our client from the initial stages of the project to its implementation and to the system commissioning.

Our clients are not interested in merely purchasing a certain amount of hours of engineering; they need to be supported by qualified technicians, available around the clock, capable of resolving issues and of meeting the most diverse requests, including apparently minor ones, regarding our company as an integral part of their organization.

Flexibility, expertise and reliability: these are the foundations on which we have "cemented" the relationship with our clients along time!

The following are the strengths of our operating method:

1. Accurate preliminary study on profitability for the Client 

2. Development of tailored solutions, leveraging our know-how and our experience 

3. Solutions aimed at providing optimum operating flexibility 

4. Engineering design developed according to the highest standards and international regulations 

5. “Project execution“-oriented detail engineering 

6. Tight coordination of the “procurement“ operations, to assure both quality and compliance with the set time schedule

7. High-quality Project Management 

8. Site coordination and supervision by experienced technicians 

9. Safety coordination 

10. Staff training and field verification of standard enforcement

11. System maintenance and scheduled maintenance manuals

12. Supply of dust storage and conveying systems


Write us

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