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Due to the current financial and systemic crisis, the cement production industry has been strongly affected by the difficulty to prepare the renewal of technical equipment, even in large companies. Today companies, irrespective of their size and whether or not they have a central technical organisation, in order to train new personnel and to optimise the existing systems without having to resort to a radical replacement of their production lines, increasingly often tend to entrust with the task an external company, which can provide specific expertise.

In this context Logo Engineering provides consultancy and full technical support services to the cement production industry.


Thanks to the field experience it has gained and to its highly specialised, multidisciplinary staff, having designed and built whole production systems and provided predictive maintenance and diagnostics services for many years, our company has all the expertise required to support the client, from staff training to system optimisation, and beyond that to the solution of all the issues which arise along the way in spite of even the most detailed planning, and which only first-hand experience allows to resolve.

The idea is accompanying the client throughout the project stages, working in close and continuous collaboration with him, on-site and in-time, acting not as an external supplier, but as an internal technical department. Beyond the handshake, as the title of this section reads. 

Proud of working to grow and do our job well, not just to fulfil an agreement.





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